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From growing crops to raising animals, there are a lot of different ways to make money in Stardew Valley. In this guide, we are going to look at casks. These simple wooden barrels will allow you to transform an average-priced item into an expensive artisan good.

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You can place several items in casks, and it can be difficult to decide which one you want. Fortunately, we will go over how to get and make casks, as well as the prices for artisan goods processed in a cask.

Updated November 29, 2021 by Ryan Bamsey: Casks are still one of the best money-making items in the game, especially when using them to make iridium quality wines. We've added some tips on how to maximize your profit by picking certain Professions when you level up your farming skill.

Cellar Upgrade For House

Stardew Valley: A Complete Guide To Casks (1)

The ability to use casks will first be unlocked when you upgrade your house to include a cellar. This is the third upgrade your house will receive and it will take a while to get.

To upgrade your house, talk to Robin. Unlike other upgrades, this will not cost any materials. Instead, you will just need to pay 100,000g. It will take three days for Robin to build the cellar, but you can start using it immediately after she is done.

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Initially, the cellar will contain 33 casks. You can rearrange these any way you want, and can even add more casks. Alternatively, you can convert the area into a storage room if you aren't that interested in using that many casks.

Crafting Casks

Stardew Valley: A Complete Guide To Casks (2)

In addition to having the 33 casks from your wine cellar, you can craft more. These crafted casks can be placed in your cellar, but will not function properly anywhere else. For example, in the above image, you can see a few casks placed in the children's bedroom. However, in this area, the casks will not work.

To craft a cask you will need the following materials.

  • 20x Wood
  • 1x Hardwood

As you can see, it's very easy to craft a cask. You will unlock this recipe when you get the cellar upgrade for your house. This means that prior to the upgrade, you cannot age any items.

What Can You Place In Casks?

Stardew Valley: A Complete Guide To Casks (3)
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Casks can hold a variety of items and will give you high-priced artisan goods in return. Let's take a look at all the items you can place in casks.

Items To Place In Cask



Any Fruit

Pale Ale







Milk (normal or large)

Goat Cheese

Goat Milk (normal or large)

Wine, pale ale, beer, and mead can all be made in a keg. This is a craftable item used for brewing different beverages. To craft a keg, you will need the following materials.

  • 30x Wood
  • 1x Copper Bar
  • 1x Iron bar
  • 1x Oak Resin

How Long Does Aging Take?

Stardew Valley: A Complete Guide To Casks (4)

Overall, aging takes a long time. When you place an item in a cask, a star icon will appear with the quality. For example, if you place gold quality cheese in a cask, then a gold star will appear.

As the item ages, the quality will increase. This will display on the front. Casks that are currently processing an item will also wiggle a little; similar to the action for the cheese press and mayonnaise machine.

Items age and improve in stages - from base quality to silver, then gold, and finally iridium. For the most profit, you should wait until the star is purple for iridium quality. When this happens, the item will be "done," and ready for you to collect. You cannot put an iridium quality product into a cask, so don't worry about wasting your casks.

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If you want to take an item out of a cask early, just destroy it. The cask and the item will both appear in your inventory. If the item increased in quality, then it will appear in your inventory with higher quality.

Below, let's go over how long it will take for all items to reach iridium quality. These times are based on the lowest quality of each product.

Artisan Good

Days To Reach Iridium Quality


56 days

Pale Ale

34 days


28 days


28 days


14 days

Goat Cheese

14 days

Price For Aged Items

Stardew Valley: A Complete Guide To Casks (5)

A cask will greatly increase the price of an item. The majority of the goods you place in casks will sell for a flat rate, however, wine depends on the original fruit used in the keg. First, let's take a look at the prices for the other artisan goods.

Artisan Good

Base Price

Price At Iridium Quality

Pale Ale












Goat Cheese



As you can see, aging these products doubles their price.

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Wine works a bit differently though. The base price of wine is three times the amount of the fruit added when at iridium. For example, since grapes are 80g, then the base price of grape wine will be 240g. The price of iridium quality wine will be double this, similar to the products above.

Silver and gold quality wines will only improve in profitability by 1.25x and 1.5x times respectively.

Grape wine with the base price of 240g will sell for 480g at iridium quality. Overall, this isn't very profitable. Low-priced items like this aren't the best for turning into wine. Essentially, you will be waiting two full seasons to make 480g.

With all the possible fruits, which one should you choose to make wine with? The most profitable options are starfruit wine selling for 4,500g and ancient fruit wine selling for 3,300g, though Pineapples that were added in the 1.5 update also make for a fantastic wine. Be sure to check out our guide on the best fruits to use for wine as well. Try to make wine with high-selling produce to maximize your profit.

Choosing Professions To Maximize Profit

When you reach level five and level ten in your farming skill, you will be presented with a choice of two professions. Two of these options will improve the amount of money you get from your aged items.

  • Choosing Rancher at level five will increase the price of your animal products by 20 percent. This will affect your cheeses and goat cheeses.
  • Choosing Artisan at level ten will increase the price of all of your artisan goods by ten percent, which includes everything you can age with casks. To choose this Profession, however, you must choose Tiller at level five, not Rancher.

While Artisan will make all of your cask-related activities more profitable, Rancher will make your cheeses seriously expensive and is well worth considering for a Profession.

That's all there is to know about using casks! Items such as beer and pale ale aren't the most profitable given the time it takes to make them. Overall, you will get the best results from cheese and wine.

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What is the best way to use Casks in Stardew Valley? ›

In order to use all 189 casks, the player must fill the casks all at once, placing additional casks while moving towards the exit. In order to harvest the finished product the player must reverse the process, removing empty casks while carving a path to the furthest ones.

What are the most profitable Casks Stardew? ›

The most profitable options are starfruit wine selling for 4,500g and ancient fruit wine selling for 3,300g, though Pineapples that were added in the 1.5 update also make for a fantastic wine.

Are Casks better with cheese or wine Stardew? ›

cheese is better. Considering the cheese is collected at gold already, it takes 7 days to upgrade to iridium. An iridium cheese is worth 644g divided by 7 means the profit per day is 92g. Ancient wine takes two full seasons to go all the way to iridium.

Are Casks worth using Stardew Valley? ›

Pale Ale harvests every day for a good price and spends just over a month in the cask, meaning you'll have a surplus to keep you kegging and casking for some time after their season. So casks are worth it, but not for wine.

Is cask or keg better? ›

If you're looking for a rich and deeply flavoured beer, best enjoyed gently chilled rather than cold, then a cask ale will suit. If you're looking for a fresher, more carbonated and colder drink, keg beer shouldn't disappoint. Of course, you might want to try both to see which one gets your taste buds going.

Is it worth aging Pale Ale Stardew Valley? ›

Like the other alcoholic beverages in the game, you can age Pale Ale to make it higher-quality and sell for more gold. To do this, you'll need Casks, which you unlock after upgrading your house to have a basement. This is the final house upgrade, and will cost you 100,000 gold but no materials.

Is it worth it to age wine Stardew? ›

Yes. The only types of wine that make sense to put in the cellar are Starfruit and Ancient Fruit. Other than that, you are much better off just running cheese through the cellar - it ages much faster and the profits are just as good as wine.

When should Stillaged casks be tapped? ›

Casks stored on the cellar floor, with the keystone pointing upwards, should be rolled prior to stillage. Casks should be vented and tapped within six hours after delivery using the recommended procedure.

Do kegs or preserve jars make more money Stardew? ›

Overall, kegs make more money over a longer period of time, while preserves jars are best for making money quickly. The processing time for preserves jar is quicker, meaning that you can sell the pickled items and jellies to make money immediately.

What is the most profitable wine in Stardew Valley? ›

Ancient Fruit and Starfruit are the most worthwhile to turn into wine. Iridium-quality Ancient Fruit Wine is worth 3,300g (4,620g with Artisan) Iridium quality Starfruit wine is worth 4,500g (6,300g with Artisan), and is one of the most valuable items that a player can produce.

Does cheese make more money than milk Stardew? ›

Cheese is an Artisan Good made from the Cheese Press, taking 3.3 hours. Using Milk will produce normal quality Cheese, while Large Milk will produce gold quality Cheese.
Sell Prices
BaseRancher (+20%)Artisan (+40%)
230g 287g 345g 460g276g 344g 414g 552g322g 401g 483g 644g
Dec 16, 2022

What makes the most money in the keg Stardew Valley? ›

The General Rule: Juice your fruits and jar your veggies.

In other words, put fruits in kegs and vegetables in preserves jars. The basic logic here: since kegs multiply fruit values by 3 and vegetable values by only 2.25, kegs are way more profitable for *most* fruits and somewhat less profitable for *most* vegetables.

What is the most loved item in Stardew Valley? ›

  • 8 Honey. ...
  • 7 Maple Syrup. ...
  • 6 Fruit Tree Fruit. ...
  • 5 Prismatic Shard. ...
  • 4 Rabbit's Foot. ...
  • 3 Magic Rock Candy. ...
  • 2 Golden Pumpkin. The Golden Pumpkin is another favorite thing among Stardew Valley characters, appearing on every villager's Loved list. ...
  • 1 Pearl. Like the previous two items, this gift is adored by each and every villager.
Jan 12, 2022

What is the most valuable sellable item in Stardew Valley? ›

1/19 Legendary Fish

At top quality and with the right profession, this rare fish sells for a whopping 15,000 gold, making it the highest-selling item in the entire game.

Is it better to sell fish or sashimi Stardew? ›

20g base price it's more profitable to turn into Sashimi than save for quests).

Why is cask cheaper than keg? ›

Why is Cask Beer Cheaper than Keg Beer? Keg beer involves a bit more processing at the brewery, and needs more expensive equipment at the bar.

How long does cask last once tapped? ›

Ideally, cask beer should be consumed within 5 – 7 days of tapping. Darker and/or higher ABV beers will generally keep for a further 2 – 3 days. Something to bear in mind is that the quality of the beer will quickly deteriorate, however, if the cask tap is not clean.

Do you save money with a keg? ›

When you buy a kegerator for your home, you're not only able to conveniently store large amounts of cold draft beer, but you can also save approximately 40-60% in costs, compared to buying the same volume of beer in cans or bottles.

Does Stardew Valley stop after 3 years? ›

One of the biggest questions in Stardew Valley is whether there is actually an end to the game or not. And the answer is: there isn't one. After three years, the player's grandfather appears to the player in a dream sequence to discuss the player's time at the farm and how they have adapted to living to farm life.

What is the rarest thing to happen in Stardew Valley? ›

You will see and hear your fair share of Crows as you go about your farming business, but there is only a 0.5 percent chance that you might hear an Owl cooing in the night after you retire to bed. This is because it is one of the rarest events in Stardew Valley.

Should I turn large milk into cheese Stardew? ›

Note that regular Milk always produces regular quality Cheese, while Large Milk always produces gold-quality Cheese. The quality of the Milk is not a factor.

What is the best fruit to sell Stardew Valley? ›

10 Most Profitable Crops In Stardew Valley, Ranked
  1. 1 Ancient Fruit Far Surpasses Any Other Crop In Stardew Valley.
  2. 2 Sweet Gem Berries Are Well Worth Their High Price. ...
  3. 3 Coffee Beans Are Expensive But Well Worth The Investment. ...
  4. 4 Blueberries Are The Best Way To Earn Profits In The Summer. ...
Sep 28, 2022

What happens if you drink too much alcohol Stardew Valley? ›

In-game, it decreases your speed.

Should you let Mead age? ›

Mead should ideally age between six months to three years of aging before its ready to drink, depending on the mead. Just as with wine, lighter meads tend to be ready sooner; heavier, darker meads take longer.

Why should you not move casks? ›

The pay-off for this is that once the yeast has settled out, care should be taken not to move the cask as the yeast will resuspend itself and you will have to wait a day or so for it to resettle.

How often should you clean real ale lines? ›

At a minimum, you should clean your draught line every two weeks with an alkaline detergent cleaner to remove protein and films that build up quickly. The cleaning chemical should be recirculated through the product line for a minimum of 15 minutes at a velocity up to two gallons/minute.

How long before drinking should you tap a keg? ›

Once you get your keg set up in your kegerator, we would recommend letting it sit for at least an hour or two before drinking from it. This should be plenty of time to let it settle a bit.

What is the most profitable food to sell in Stardew Valley? ›

Starfruit is, in many ways, both the most iconic and most profitable crop in Stardew Valley. It sells for a massive 750g, twice its buying price of 400g from the Oasis Shop, which must be unlocked by completing the Vault Community Center bundle.

What is the best fruit to put in a keg Stardew Valley? ›

Because of this, low-value high-yield crops like Corn or Tomatoes are more valuable in the preserves jar. The keg, on the other hand, favors crops with a much higher base value, such as Ancient Fruit or Melons.

What is the best thing to put in the keg? ›

Read on to find out how to make the most out of your keg.
  • Ginger Beer. Making your own ginger beer is pretty hot right now, whether it's for moscow mules or to drink straight. ...
  • Wine. ...
  • Cocktails. ...
  • Cold Brew. ...
  • Kombucha. ...
  • Sparkling Water. ...
  • Spiked Seltzer. ...
  • Soda.
Aug 13, 2019

What is the rarest fruit in Stardew Valley? ›

Sweet Gem Berry

What is the fastest way to get rich in Stardew Valley? ›

10 Fastest Ways To Make Money In Stardew Valley
  1. 4 Sell Gems Found In The Mines For A Quick Fix.
  2. 5 Chickens Are The Best Bet. ...
  3. 6 Kegs Triple Crop Revenue. ...
  4. 7 Tree Tapping Is A Low Maintenance Venture. ...
  5. 8 Mixed Seeds For More Foraged Goods. ...
  6. 9 Foraging Around Town Brings In Some Extra Cash. ...
  7. 10 Fishing Requires No Investment. ...
Jul 7, 2022

Should I turn iridium large milk into Cheese? ›

Depends on your professions, of course. If you made the horrible, horrible mistake of becoming a Rancher, it's actually better to sell it raw (456g) than cheesing it (360g). Normally you'd be an Artisan, in which case it's better to cheese it (420g) than to sell it raw (380g).

Is iridium Cheese worth it? ›

While it takes a bit for the cheese to age (14 in-game days from start to iridium quality), it's 100% worth it for the selling price. It's a handy artisan good to produce, especially when money is needed quickly.

Can you get iridium Mayonnaise? ›

Ostrich Eggs produce 10 jars of Mayonnaise at once. Unlike chicken eggs, Ostrich Eggs produce Mayonnaise in the same quality as the egg. This is the only way to obtain a silver quality or iridium quality Mayonnaise.

Are preserve jars worth it? ›

The products produced always sell for more than the raw fruits, vegetables, or fish roe used to make them (except in the case of Blackberries after learning the Bear's Knowledge), so using a Preserves Jar is almost always profitable.

What happens when you put a potato in a keg Stardew Valley? ›

Place a fruit or vegetable in here. Eventually it will turn into a beverage.

What is best to put in preserve jars? ›

Preserves Jars are often compared to Kegs, as both can be used to make artisan goods out of fruits and vegetables. Because of the formulas used to calculate sell prices, Preserves Jars are most profitable when using fruits whose base value is under 50g, and vegetables whose base value is under 160g.

Who is the most popular person to marry in Stardew Valley? ›

Leah is one of the more popular romance options in Stardew Valley, and it's easy to see why. She's creative, loves nature, and has great hair. But for everything good about Leah, there's a lot of bad too.

Who is the most beneficial person to marry in Stardew Valley? ›

1 Best: Leah

Leah's story is an engaging one, too, and many creative types will relate to her. For players who value personality over in-game gains, Leah's definitely the best romance partner in Stardew Valley.

What is the hardest thing to get in Stardew Valley? ›

Living Hat. The living hat is perhaps the single rarest item in Stardew Valley. With a 0.01% chance to drop from wilderness golems, rare enemies that spawn on the farm if players select the wilderness layout, they require some pre-planning to even have a chance of finding.

What is the biggest secret in Stardew Valley? ›

There are three special crops in the game that have a cool secret. If you've planted Cauliflower, Melons, or Pumpkins on your farm in a 3x3 square, there's a chance they'll turn into huge versions of that crop. These are called Giant Crops, and they're really cool. They don't just look cool, though.

What should you always sell in Stardew Valley? ›

Gold- and silver-quality crops sell for more than the base sell price, so you should definitely sell them early on before you can craft them into anything better. This will likely be your main source of income in the first year of the game.

Should I sell or keep the golden pumpkin Stardew Valley? ›

Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot the Golden Pumpkin is useful for in Stardew Valley. It's a universally loved gift, so it can be given to any villager in Pelican Town. It's also worth 2,500 gold if the player wishes to sell it, but the most unique way to use the Golden Pumpkin is by crafting clothing.

What is the best early game money in Stardew Valley? ›

Aside from the Rare Seed which can cost a fortune from the Traveling Cart in Stardew Valley, Eggplant is the best bet for those looking to make a profit in their first Fall. Eggplant seeds cost just 20 gold at Pierre's, the base fruit sells for 60 gold, and it regrows every 5 days.

Should I sell my eel Stardew Valley? ›

An Eel is another one of the fish you can catch in Stardew Valley. In this Fishing Guide, you'll learn where and when you can catch an Eel as well as for how much you can sell this fish for.
Eel Sell Prices.

What is the most profitable fish to farm Stardew Valley? ›

If you're looking to make a strong profit from fish ponds, then your fish of choice should be the Lava Eel. These volcanic eels may be the second hardest fish to catch, just under the legendary fish, and can only be found on the 100th floor of The Mines, but they are most definitely worth the trouble.

What is the best use of cellar Stardew? ›

The Cellar can be used to age juices, wines , and cheeses. There are 33 barrels in total (3 rows, 11 columns) which you can use to do this. When you get to the first step in the aging process, you will see a silver star on the barrel you placed your juice/wine/cheeses in.

What should I put in my Stardew keg? ›

Place a fruit or vegetable in here. Eventually it will turn into a beverage.

What is the most profitable item at Stardew Valley? ›

Ancient Fruit and Starfruit are the most worthwhile to turn into wine. Iridium-quality Ancient Fruit Wine is worth 3,300g (4,620g with Artisan) Iridium quality Starfruit wine is worth 4,500g (6,300g with Artisan), and is one of the most valuable items that a player can produce.

Is it better to sell milk or make cheese Stardew Valley? ›

Cheese is an Artisan Good made from the Cheese Press, taking 3.3 hours. Using Milk will produce normal quality Cheese, while Large Milk will produce gold quality Cheese.
Sell Prices
BaseRancher (+20%)Artisan (+40%)
230g 287g 345g 460g276g 344g 414g 552g322g 401g 483g 644g
Dec 16, 2022

How long does a cask last once tapped? ›

Ideally, cask beer should be consumed within 5 – 7 days of tapping. Darker and/or higher ABV beers will generally keep for a further 2 – 3 days. Something to bear in mind is that the quality of the beer will quickly deteriorate, however, if the cask tap is not clean.

Do you need a CO2 tank for each keg? ›

How many kegs can I dispense with one CO2 tank? A typical 5lb. CO2 tank can dispense between 2 to 4 full-sized kegs, depending on the ambient temperature. The colder the ambient temperature the closer you will get to 4 kegs.

Is beer profitable Stardew? ›

The products produced usually sell for more than the raw input items, so using a Keg is almost always profitable.


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