The Best Stardew Valley Mods for March 2022 (2023)

Since its release in 2016, Stardew Valley has grown tremendously. There are thousands of Stardew Valley mods available that change the appearance of your animals, make fishing easier, add new items, and adjust game balance. Our guide to the best Stardew Valley mods that change the game’s appearance and make farm life more convenient has been completely updated.

The majority of these mods can be found on the official Stardew Valley Mod forum or the game’s Nexus Mods page, both of which are constantly updated with new and amazing mods. If you’re wondering how to play multiplayer in Stardew Valley, check out our dedicated guide. Stardew Valley is one of the best laptop games to play on a low-spec machine, even with mods.

Before you start playing, keep in mind that Stardew Valley is still getting updates. Because there is no official mod support, it is possible that mods will break or require reinstallation after updates. It’s a good idea to make a backup of any files you’re going to change in case you need to undo your changes.

Furthermore, back up your save data just to be safe. You can find it at:


Content Overview

How to Install Mods in Stardew Valley?

SMAPI is a necessary tool for downloading Stardew Valley mods. This is a program that runs every time you start the game on Steam and does all of the heavy lifting for you. Within your Steam Stardew Valley folder, it creates a mods folder, which is where you’ll paste all of your mods. Download SMAPI and follow the link for more advanced instructions.

SMAPI isn’t the only tool you’ll need. You’ll also need to get Content Patcher from Nexus Mods. If you want to replace any in-game items with other visuals, such as Elle’s Barn Animals in this list, you’ll need Content Patcher. To use Content Patcher, simply copy the folder into your SMAPI-created Mods folder and follow the instructions for each individual mod.

XNB Files

The majority of Stardew Valley mods make minor changes to the game, such as changing the visuals or reskinning assets. These must be installed by replacing the existing XNB file with a new, modified version.

You’ll need to locate the corresponding XNB file in the Stardew Valley content folder once you’ve downloaded your XNB mod file, which may be named ‘cat.XNB‘ for example. The Stardew Valley content folder is located in C:/Steam/steamapps/common/Stardew Valley/Content.

In the content folder, there are several subfolders, with most of the important assets, such as animals and villagers, having their own, making them easy to locate. You must replace the existing ‘cat.xnb‘ file with our new modded file in the ‘Animals’ subfolder with our new ‘cat.XNB’ file, which will then appear in game the next time it is booted.

(Video) Top 10 Must-Have Stardew Valley Mods for 2023

As a reminder, any unmodified files should be backed up in case you ever need to uninstall a mod.

Stardew Valley ModManager (SDVMM)

SDVMM, a great community-made ModManager tool created by modder yuuki, is also available. This will assist you in installing and updating SMAPI as well as keeping track of all your mods.

Further, it allows you to easily activate and deactivate specific mods without having to completely remove the files, giving you more flexibility if you want to try something on this list out but may not want to keep it.

Content Patcher

Content Patcher is a SMAPI mod that allows you to download content packs, which are similar to XNB mods in that they can change the game’s visuals or assets without requiring you to manually alter the XNB files.

SMAPI allows mods to be automatically updated, installed, and uninstalled, making it a far more reliable method of installing mods than replacing XNB files. The majority of XNB file mods have content pack counterparts.


SMAPI is required for mods that make significant changes to the game, such as changing events. It is an open source piece of software that allows the installation of DLL files and is maintained by the Stardew Valley modding community.

SMAPI can also assist you in managing your files by checking for new updates to your mods and rewriting any installed mods when an official Stardew Valley update changes any part of the game that affects your mods.

After you’ve installed SMAPI, all you need to do now is drop your files into the SMAPI mod folder and you’re ready to go.

Stardew Valley Mod Manager

Modder Yuuki has created a fantastic tool called the Stardew Valley Mod Manager, or SDVMM for short, if you like to keep your mods neat and organized. This allows you to manage SMAPI and keep track of all your mods.

Its best feature is the ability to turn mods on and off without deleting the files, which is useful if you’re indecisive like us and want to try out a half-dozen different grass mods.

Top 13 Best Stardew Valley Mods for 2022

So, let’s get to the meat of the matter: the mods themselves. There’s a ton of stuff to look through down below, with things like Japanese buildings, Grumpy Cat, and, well, diversity itself. Enjoy!

1. Stardew Valley Bear Mount Mod

Horses are nice and will happily transport you from point A to point B, but A to BEAR is a lot more fun for riding around Stardew Valley. You can now ride a brown bear, black bear, panda, or even a skeleton around Pelican Town thanks to this brilliant Bear Mount mod.

(Video) 5 best stardew valley mods in 2022

Further, it’ll even swap out the stable food for some honey that’s friendly to Winnie the Pooh. For this mod, you’ll need both the Content Patcher and SMAPI, and while it will automatically set itself as the brown bear, you can change it in the config.json file that will be generated.

You can even switch out your saddle and reins if you want to ride like a bear…

2. Stardew Valley Ghibli Critters Mod

Ghibli Critters from Sopholophagus is a lovely sprinkling of Soot Spritey charm if you want to add a touch of Princess Mononoke or My Neighbour Totoro to Pelican Town.

For this to work, you’ll need the most recent version of Content Patcher installed, but once you’ve added it to your Mods folder, it automatically replaces the wild critters with even cuter alternatives.

The new additions from 1.5 haven’t been modded yet, but sparrows have been replaced with the ridiculously cute Kodamas from Princess Mononoke, and Soot Sprites instead of frogs scurry away from harvested fiber.

If you see an owl, it will become No Face, and if you see a woodpecker, it will be Totoro staring back at you instead. This is a lovely subtle mod, but it’s also a major charm offender, especially if you’ve forgotten it’s there.

3. Stardew Valley Map Editor

The Map Editor, created by modder Adenthorn, allows you to play around and “easily make edits to a map in-game by copying and pasting any tile to another location on the map.” You can click on an existing tile before copying and pasting it to your desired location by starting the Stardew Valley map editor mod, which is assigned to the F10 key by default.

You can easily undo any changes if you don’t exit the editor mode first, and you can even experiment with custom tile changes. It’s a fantastic tool that makes laying out your farm a whole lot easier.

4. Seasonal Japanese Building

Sonreirblah’s mod expands on an earlier version by replacing the game’s standard rural-western farmhouses with fully-animated, seasonal buildings inspired by traditional Japanese architecture.

The buildings, which come complete with shji doors, paper lanterns, and ornate wooden roofs, will transform your entire town into a Japanese-style village in no time.

(Video) BEST Expansion Mods for Stardew Valley

5. Perks for Married Life

The Perks of Being Married mod on Nexus Mods, created by Trent XV, adds a fun and useful new feature to the farming RPG: you can earn perks for getting married, which vary depending on who you marry in the game.

The list of perks offered by the mod is lengthy, and it appears that you’ll have to pick your partners carefully – each character will have something unique to offer.

6. Farm Extended

Farm Extended provides the standard farm benefits of all specialty farms to those of us who find it difficult to choose a farm type when starting a new farm. Dedicated areas for fishing, foraging, and mining, as well as fenced areas to keep animals from escaping, are all part of the expanded farm. Forkmaster, the modder, also added a minecart stop behind the farmhouse for direct access to other parts of town.

7. Stardew Aquarium

This unreasonably awesome mod adds an entire aquarium to the game, created by a talented group of modders. Fish you donate to the aquarium become exhibits that you can see for yourself, just like in Animal Crossing. The aquarium is located in a new beach area in Pelican Town that can be reached by train.

8. Stardew Valley New Barn Animals Mod

Search Nexus Mods for ‘Elle’s’ and you’ll find a slew of adorable creatures to replace your existing farm animals. Her New Barn Animals collection is especially noteworthy. Not only will you be able to trade in your existing cows, sheep, and goats for delightful deer and alpaca colors, but you’ll also be able to ditch the frankly hideous pig designs thanks to the 18 different skin options available. Piggos, I’m sorry, but it was a little too Animal Farm…

To get the most out of this mod, run it once and then close it again to create a config.json file in your Mods folder’s Elle’s Barn Animals folder. Open it in Notepad and replace the names with the names of the creatures and colors you want. The guides for each one are also included in the folder.

9. Stardew Valley Cheats Menu Mod

The Cheats Menu and Item Spawner by CJBok and Pathoschild are both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, they happily destroy everything that Stardew players have worked so hard for over hundreds of hours to earn; on the other hand, it’s nice to be able to skip straight to the end game with a fully functional farm and the ability to warp anywhere without any totems.

The Cheats Menu basically brings up a god mod when you press the ‘P’ key. You can now complete quests, gain infinite stamina and health, improve relationships, make machines work faster, and gift yourself 100,000G all at once, thanks to the game’s whimsical art style.

(Video) Top 10 Mods That I Use in Stardew Valley

The Item Spawner, on the other hand, is equally enticing, as it can provide you with 999 of any resource or item you’ve ever desired, as well as some you’ve never heard of. We understand if you want to ignore these completely in order to protect your hard work, but they’re well-integrated mods.

10. Stardew Valley Automate Mod

If you’ve chosen the Artisan career path in Stardew Valley, there’s a good chance that lines of preserves jars, wine kegs, and mayonnaise machines are your favorite things. You’re probably sick of filling them all up and unloading them when everything is ready at the same time. The Automate mod is here to fulfill your Factorio-style fantasies.

Automate basically pulls resources from a chest next to a machine and then pushes all processed items back in as soon as it’s finished and ready to sell. You can keep piling in products to just one chest as long as machines are touching. If you’re worried about compromising your farm aesthetic, you can even use paths as connectors.

11. Stardew Valley Tractor Mod

This tractor add-on, another Pathoschild offering, is especially appealing if you’re guilty of allowing nature to reclaim an entire section of your farm. To construct the Tractor Garage, go to Robin and hand over 20 Iron Bars, 20 Iridium Bars, and 5 Battery Packs, just like the other buildings from the carpenter.

You’ll have to wait two nights as usual, but then you’ll be free to ride around on your tractor with whichever tool you want. An axe will easily destroy all the leaves and wood in your path, while a pickaxe will crumble the surrounding stone. Ignore the fact that it sounds identical to your horse…

12. Stardew Valley Chest Label System Mod

It’s the little things that matter, once again. If you’ve been playing Stardew for a long time, there’s a good chance you’ve accumulated quite a few chests. While the lethally expensive Qi Gem Junimo chests are all linked, the rest of us are stuck trying to remember what a red chest meant to us.

Mauricio Games’ Chest Label System takes away all of that stress by allowing you to name each chest separately. All you have to do is hover your mouse over the name to see what’s inside. However, if you’re just feeling lazy, this won’t stop you from dumping other items…

13. Attractive Standard Farm

This is yet another one of the excellent farm design Stardew Valley mods, but this time it’s all about the cuteness rather than the efficiency. On this farm map, you’ll find numerous designated crop fields of various sizes, as well as two or three lakes and a few places to hide buildings. Farmers who don’t care as much about maximizing profits can definitely benefit from this property.

These alternate textures can be seen in this farm image. Interestingly, flower Valley can be found under the “Visual Mods” tab.

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Well, these are the best Stardew Valley mods for the month of November 2021. We hope these mods help you to enjoy the game more.

If you liked this, don’t forget to check out our other gaming,troubleshooting, and computingguides.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or suggestions, please use the comment below to contact us.


What is the best way to get Stardew Valley mods? ›

How to install mods for Stardew Valley
  1. Open SMAPI.
  2. Open the Help tab.
  3. Tap the Nexus button. ...
  4. Find the mod you wish to download and tap MANUAL DOWNLOAD. ...
  5. Move the downloaded mod to your newly created Mods Folder (in Internal Storage/Stardew Valley/Mods).
  6. Extract the zipped mod into the Mods folder.
  7. Restart SMAPI.
Apr 28, 2023

What is the biggest Stardew Valley mod? ›

Stardew Valley Expanded is one of the biggest Stardew mods out there and it really does feel like a proper Stardew Valley expansion. It adds tons of new characters with their own backstories and events. It adds new farm maps and tons of new in game locations too.

Is modding Stardew easy? ›

Modding a game for the first time can be daunting, but developer ConcernedApe aka Eric Barone has made it extremely easy to mod the game, even as a beginner. Here's how to get started with modding Stardew Valley for PC.

What is the most popular mod for Stardew Valley? ›

Stardew Valley Expanded

Stardew Valley Expanded is easily one of the best mods available for Stardew Valley. It is by far the most popular mod available, and for good reason. It adds so much content to the game that it's almost like a whole new DLC pack.

What is the best seed for Stardew Valley? ›

Aside from Sweet Gem Berries and Ancient Fruit – both rare crops not available at Pierre's – Cranberries are the most profitable crop in the game bar none. Seeds are 240g each, it takes seven days to mature, and produces two seeds every five days that sell for at least 75g each.

Are there cheat codes in Stardew Valley? ›

When it comes to Stardew Valley cheats, this is the big one! Every item in the game has a unique numerical code, and by using up to three of these codes each in [square brackets] as your character name, you'll spawn those items in your inventory every time your name is mentioned in the game.

What is the Max Stardew player? ›

Stardew Valley multiplayer allows a maximum of four players play together on one farm.

What is 100% Stardew? ›

You can help Stardew Valley Wiki by expanding it! The perfection score measures how much of the game content you've completed. Achieving a perfection of 100% unlocks extra endgame content.

What is the deepest level in Stardew Valley? ›

There is no limit to the number of floors, or levels, in the Skull Cavern (at least until the integer limit of 2147483647 is reached). Similar to the Mines, the player advances through floors in the Skull Cavern by finding a ladder on each floor, either by mining rocks or defeating enemies.

How hard is it to 100% Stardew? ›

To achieve perfection, you will need to maximize your friendship with every NPC in Stardew Valley. This means that you will need eight friendship hearts for dateable residents, and ten friendship hearts for everyone else.

What is the easiest game to start modding? ›

  • Minecraft - The game that was the entry point to gaming itself for so many, is also a great place to start when it comes to modding. ...
  • Skyrim - The Bethesda Elder Scrolls series has a history of strong mod options and Skyrim is no different.

Can I run Stardew without mods? ›

Using mods is easy! You just need to... Install SMAPI. That's the mod loader for Stardew Valley — it launches the game with mod support and lets mods interact directly with the game code.

Who is the favorite girl in Stardew Valley? ›

Abigail. Abigail may be the most popular marriage candidate, and for some pretty obvious reasons. She's every high-school dork's dream girl. Abigail is a quirky, goth, gamer-girl who's strong and adventurous.

What is the most loved item in Stardew Valley? ›

There's no going wrong with a homegrown apple, peach, or other orchard fruit: Every villager likes them, without exceptions. Though they take patience to grow, fruit trees produce daily while in season, making them an excellent source of universally-liked gifts.

What is the most powerful item in Stardew Valley? ›

1 Infinity Gavel

The highest-ranking club-type weapon is the Infinity Gavel. It is made from a Galaxy Hammer and three Galaxy Souls in the forge (plus the 60 Cinder Shards), so it's a little bit of work. But, it's absolutely worth it. Its damage is 100-120, making it the most powerful melee weapon in Stardew Valley.

What is the rare seed Stardew? ›

The Rare Seed is a type of seed. A mature plant yields a Sweet Gem Berry. 600–1,000g each. (It is possible for Rare Seeds to occupy two slots in the merchant's offerings in Spring and Summer).

What is the most profitable fall crop in Stardew Valley? ›

Most Valuable Fall Crop: Sweet Gem Berry

The sweet gem berry grows during fall and is technically the most profitable crop in Stardew Valley. It grows from rare seeds purchased from the Traveling Cart, usually costing between 600-1,000g.

What is Secret Code 20 Stardew Valley? ›

Secret Note #20

Interacting with the truck will allow the player to speak to a truck driver who requests a Rabbit's Foot. If the player has one in their inventory they can trade it for a Special Charm that permanently increases daily luck.

Can you kiss your wife in Stardew Valley? ›

Kissing your spouse will remove exhaustion from your energy bar. This works only with the first kiss of the day, when a heart appears over your heads.

Can players have kids Stardew? ›

You can have children only if you are married and have upgraded the Farmhouse for the second time which adds a nursery and an extra room. After you go to bed for the night, your spouse might ask (1/20 chance) if you want to have/adopt a child.

What is the max kids in Stardew Valley? ›

In Stardew Valley, players can have a maximum of 2 children at a time and the children can only grow to toddler age. After 2 children, the spouse will stop asking the player if they want to have a child. Stardew Valley is available now on mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Is Stardew Valley an endless game? ›

A BIG YES! It's truly infinitely playable. And one main reason is it's not that repetitive and have a lot of things to do!

How do you get grandpa's shrine points? ›

Marriage in farming simulators like Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon is a big draw for the games. Likewise, marriage with both house upgrades will grant a point toward Grandpa's evaluation. Friendship levels with various villagers and the player's pet will also grant points.

What is the statue of endless fortune? ›

Buying the Statue of Endless Fortune

The statue will produce a diamond, omni geode, gold bar, or iridium bar each day. However, if it is a villager's birthday, it will instead produce one of their loved items, meaning players will always have the perfect birthday gift.

How to complete Stardew Valley in one year? ›

Here's an expanded look at what players should do in their First Year in Stardew Valley.
  1. 8 Build A Silo.
  2. 9 Make Tappers. ...
  3. 10 Don't Neglect The Merchant. ...
  4. 11 Plan The Farm. ...
  5. 12 Don't Be Afraid To Hoard Items And Materials. ...
  6. 13 Keep An Eye On The Calendar. ...
  7. 14 Upgrade Tools To At Least Steel. ...
  8. 15 Go To Every Festival. ...
Jun 8, 2022

Is there aging in Stardew Valley? ›

Overall, aging takes a long time. When you place an item in a cask, a star icon will appear with the quality. For example, if you place gold-quality Cheese in a cask, then a gold star will appear. As the item ages, the quality will increase.

Do you get older in Stardew Valley? ›

Ageing doesn't happen in Stardew Valley

Once they are born, they will age to toddlers in another 14 days. But that's where the aging stops. They will stay toddlers for the rest of the game, no matter how long that is. The same can be said for players, though they don't age even for the 14 days like babies do.

How long is 4000 minutes stardew? ›

A preserves jar requires 4000 minutes to produce pickles or jelly. This will take 2-3 days, depending on what time of day the processing begins.

What is the max hour in Stardew? ›

The day cycle is a period of 20 hours in-game from 6am to 2am in which the player (farmer) is able to work and perform other activities around the Valley.

How long is 6000 minutes in Stardew Valley? ›

Harvest and Process the Roe

It'll turn into Caviar in 6,000 in-game minutes, or four in-game days.

What game has the most mods ever? ›

The 10 MOST Modded Video Games of All Time
  1. Minecraft. It's no surprise that the most popular video game of all time is also the most heavily modded. ...
  2. Garry's Mod. Garry's Mod is another sandbox style game that was created with the intention of being heavily modded. ...
  3. Half-Life. ...
  4. Doom. ...
  5. Skyrim.
Mar 9, 2022

What game has the most mods in the world? ›

Starting this feature is The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, the most modded video game in history. Developed by Bethesda, it was initially released on November 11, 2011, and was a critical and commercial success due to the game's open-world, sandbox, and freedom of choice.

What is the most easiest game engine? ›

The Best Game Engine for Beginners in 2023:
  • Unity: Developed by Unity Technologies, Unity is one of the world's most popular game engines and has been used to create some of the biggest titles in gaming. ...
  • Unreal Engine: Another popular engine is unreal game development engine. ...
  • GameMaker: ...
  • CryEngine: ...
  • Phaser: ...
  • Godot:
Jan 11, 2023

Are mods safe in Stardew? ›

It's safely installed alongside your normal game, and you can uninstall it anytime. Unzip mods into your Mods folder.

Do both players need mods Stardew Valley? ›

Stardew Valley is great on its own, but it is a delightful experience with friends. Even better is that you can still play a modded game in multiplayer. In order to help everyone share the same modded experience, however, everyone has to install the same mods.

Is there a mod manager for Stardew Valley? ›

The Stardew Valley Mod Manager comes with a plethora of features pertaining to mod management and game save management. Installing Mods Once you have downloaded your mod from NexusMods, all you need to do is open the Stardew Valley Mod Manager, click "Install Mods" then "Add New Mods (.

Who is the ex girlfriend in Stardew Valley? ›

Kel is Leah's ex (gender depends on the player character's gender) and he/she only actually appears during Leah's 8-heart and 10-heart events. However, the game does make references to Kel during Leah's other heart events.

Who is the most handsome in Stardew Valley? ›

We make our case for why Sebastian is the best bachelor around. If you're looking to find a husband in Stardew Valley, Sebastian may just be the perfect candidate for you. He's easily one of the most popular bachelors from the games, and honestly, what's not to love about him.

What is the rarest gift in Stardew Valley? ›

The prismatic shard and galaxy sword are each incredibly rare so finding either, or both, is a real treat.

Who is the best lover in Stardew Valley? ›

1 Best: Leah

Leah's story is an engaging one, too, and many creative types will relate to her. For players who value personality over in-game gains, Leah's definitely the best romance partner in Stardew Valley.

Who loves stuffing in Stardew? ›

Villager Reactions
LikeAbigail • Alex • Caroline • Clint • Demetrius • Dwarf • Elliott • Emily • George • Gus • Haley • Harvey • Jas • Jodi • Kent • Leah • Lewis • Linus • Marnie • Maru • Pam • Penny • Pierre • Robin • Sam • Sandy • Sebastian • Shane • Vincent • Wizard
DislikeKrobus • Leo • Willy
May 15, 2022

What is the strongest enemy in Stardew Valley? ›

Stronger Monsters
MonsterVanilla HPStronger Monsters Damage
Carbon Ghost19060
Rock Crab3013
Lava Crab12030
39 more rows

How do you get the Infinity sword? ›

The Infinity Blade is a sword weapon that can be obtained by combining the Galaxy Sword with 3 Galaxy Souls in the Forge.

What is the strongest sword in Stardew Valley? ›

10 Best Weapons In Stardew Valley, Ranked
  • 4 The Dragontooth Club Deals The Most Damage Of The Dragontooth Collection. ...
  • 3 The Infinity Gavel Is The Most Destructive Melee Weapon In Stardew Valley. ...
  • 2 The Infinity Blade Is The Best Sword In The Entire Game. ...
  • 1 The Master Slingshot Is The Unsung Hero Of Stardew Valley.
Apr 9, 2022

Where to find mods stardew? ›

Installing Mods

You can find Stardew Valley mods on NexusMods and Moddrop.

Can you get Stardew Valley mods on Steam? ›

As Stardew Valley does not have any Steam Workshop support, getting mods working requires you to change the game's internal files. Therefore, for peace of mind, we highly recommend backing up all your files – especially your save files – before downloading and installing any mods.

Is Smapi safe to download? ›

SMAPI is an entirely safe system to install and is used for basically every Stardew Valley mod.

What are Stardew Valley mods coded in? ›

Since mods are written in C#, it's a good idea to get acquainted with it first. You don't need to memorise everything, but a grasp of the basics (like fields, methods, variables, and classes) will make everything else much easier.

Are NexusMods safe? ›

Nexus is the place most gamers go to get mods. If the mods are downloaded through nexus mod manager, they are 100% safe.

Do Stardew Valley cheats work on switch? ›

Item Spawning Cheat

Stardew Valley allows you to name your character anything you want, which you can exploit for this cheat (that works on all systems, including Switch!).

Can I mod Stardew Valley on IPAD? ›

While modding is possible on Android devices, the options are limited, as not all modders create mobile versions of their mods. And if you're on Apple devices, there are no modding options at all.

Does Steam allow mods? ›

Yes. Mods alter or add to the game they're created for, so you must have that game in your Steam library to utilize them.

What mod replaces Clint Stardew Valley? ›

Clarice! A new NPC that completely gets rid of Clint! Clarice has completely new dialogue, you won't ever remember Clint's dialogue with her around!

How do you use Stardew Valley cheat mod? ›

Load your save, then press P on your keyboard to show the cheats menu. Press the button when no in-game menu is shown. To change the button: On Linux/macOS/Windows, open the menu and then use the "Controls" tab to choose a different controller/keyboard/mouse button.

Which website is safe to download mods? ›

12 Best Websites To Download MOD APKs In 2023
  • APKMB.
  • Mobilism.
  • APK4ALL.
  • Android Hackers.
  • APKPure.
  • APKCombo.
  • Reddit.
  • HappyMod.

What is the alternative to Smapi? ›

According to Similarweb data of monthly visits, smapi. io's top competitor in April 2023 is with 17.8M visits. 2nd most similar site is, with 59.8M visits in April 2023, and closing off the top 3 is with 181.2K.

Can I use Smapi without Steam? ›

Alternatively, you can add SMAPI as a non-Steam game if you would like separate Steam play buttons for an unmodded and modded version of the game. To configure it this alternate way: Keep SMAPI's installer window open, as in the previous method. (If you already closed it, just run it again.


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